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The Founders

Founded in 2015, Logicon is a software development company that houses extremely motivated and talented developers & designers across the globe. We provides our clients state-of-the-art Web Development, Mobile Application Development, Custom Software Solutions, RESTful API Development, Automated Data Scraping, Cloud Services and much more.

Pushing the Boundaries

At Logicon we constantly push ourselves to adopt new technologies and implement refined processes to ensure our clients get services and results nothing short of international standards. The goal is boost up clients’ businesses and work with them closely and develop strong long lasting business relations.

Providing Consultancy

We take pride in our capabilities that have made development our forte and enabled us to outshine our competitors. We believe it’s our duty to provide our clients with the right guidance and precise knowledge instead of merely supplying with project deliveries.

Aiming Perfection

Our experience has made us proficient and capable of handling projects of any volume, size and complexity and delivering them on time and with utmost perfection. Currently we have our clients in USA, UK, Canada, Spain, Netherlands and the Middle East. We have our team spread across the globe and we aim to keep providing top-notch tech solutions for your business.

Building Relationships Across the Board

Through an immensely capable sales and marketing team being led by board of directors based in the United States of America, Logicon aims to provide you with strategy, user experience, data and technology related solutions across the board. Whether you are in Northern or Southern regions of USA, our representatives are on the go to bring you start-to-finish services that will fill in the gaps of your organization.

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Our Services

Mobile App Development

We take your ideas; fuel them with our proven and established approach and morph them into real apps with pixel-perfect UI for enriched user experience. Android and iOS app development along with Android gear and iWatch is our expertise.
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Web development

Apps are imperative but it’s the web that still rules. Logicon’s web development services comprise of rapid and smart approach utilizing trending MVC frameworks coupled with latest technologies to produce elegant, high performance, responsive and mobile-friendly websites.
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Rest API Development

Dynamic sharing and posting of content created at a particular location to multiple locations all over the web simultaneously and instantly is made possible through Logicon’s custom API development services tailor-built for every client.
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Cloud Computing

Logicon offers state-of-the-art Cloud services employing Amazon Web Services (AWS) deployment on S3 and EC2, Microsoft Azure and Google App Engine, utilizing some of the latest technologies of modern Cloud computing services to implement multiple highly scalable applications.
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Automated Data Scraping

Logicon offers a complete automated system of data scraping services regardless of the size of data. Our goal is to fetch data using distributed crawling system and provide it in an orderly and structured XML, CSV or XLS form.

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Application Deployment

The key to the successful application development process is to craft and execute an effective strategy. The comprehensive approach adopted by Logicon is supported by some of the finest practices regarding path-to-production release, engineering, validation process and automation.
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Outsourcing has become the to-go option for all businesses reducing the in-house staffs, management costs and increase work efficiency. Logicon offers quality out-sourcing services that ensure reliable support at attractive prices for all kinds of IT services.
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Idea Development

Design and development projects require us to show our creative side and each one of our past experiences has always been fun and challenging but nothing gets us more excited than the clients who come to us with bare bones.

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Game Development

Mobile game development is no longer about a few good-looking animations. The endowed developers at Logicon understand the evolving mobile gaming scenario and hence focus more on crafting a marvellous overall experience for the players.
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