Application Development

In the usual process of application design, development, conversion and migration, an equally imperative step to the whole process usually gets little to no attention – the application deployment through an effective strategy. The expert developers at Logicon sensed the need of the hour and now we offer a complete and comprehensive app deployment solution as well besides our beloved app development services. After working with quite a number of clients we have managed to develop our own app deployment approach that ensures successful operation of the product created. Our goal is to provide tailored app deployment package – development, quality assurance, testing and production – as per client’s needs while maintaining high levels of eminence without stretching deadlines.

We begin with pre-deployment activities which include addressing the needs of the client and every stakeholder involved with the project. We, along with our client establish some clear aims and objectives and determine whether the deployment solution under consideration is fully functional and compatible with your business model and environment or not. After the initial assessment and evaluation of the deployment solution it is extremely necessary that everyone involved is on the same page and the team reaches a common understanding for the entire implementation.

Our post-deployment support services begin once the solution is implemented which gives us a better idea of how it behaves and whether it performs as designed or not. The process basically involves an extensive cycle of application and integration testing which gives us and the client a better idea of how the application performs and what essential steps are needed to be put into operation to elevate any possible glitch in the solution. The goal is to not only provide app deployment services but to ensure till the end that everything works smoothly for the client and without any hurdles, because our client’s satisfaction is always the priority.

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