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A captivating storyline, deep research, insights on the gamer psychology, a sturdy strategy binding all these elements together with technology, creativity and business tactics is the right way to create groundbreaking gaming apps that might result in the next Angry Birds, Temple Run or even Pokemon Go. Mobile game development has come a long way ever since the launch of first 2D games. Game developers all over the world are now focussing a lot more on developing 3D and even Augmented Reality based games, which is clearly what the future in games seems like.

The approach of mobile game developers at Logicon can be summed up as a clever combination of creativity, design and results driven methodologies all brought together by our talented animators and developers to add originality and innovation to your idea and mould it according to international standards and create a game for you that users will cannot get enough of and will be hooked to. We have brought together a group of extremely talented and skilled mobile game developers and designers whose passion shows through their work. You won’t find a team as competent as ours anywhere in Pakistan when it comes to developing breathtaking games. That’s for sure.

The process begins with our team’s initial consultation with clients where we discuss their game idea with them, understand their business prospective, propose our specialist opinions and make sure we are on one page with their aims and goals. Next we establish the functionalities of the game app, starting from the basics and going all the way up to specialized characteristics as per the idea demands and working around how those features will work together in harmony. Our game development services do not end even after the product is designed, developed and published; we extend our continuous support to the clients and help them in providing consistent and awesome experience to their customers.

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