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Website design and development has come a long way. It is no longer the matter of simply putting together some web pages with not-so satisfactory appearance and content. Web development has become a huge sphere of influence with ever so increasing consumer demands and challenges for designers and developers to meet those requirements as efficiently as possible. The boom in web design and development industry gave rise to many ready-to-use tools and templates, automated back-end modules and content management systems as well which are perfectly fine for someone on a budget.

However, a large percentage of companies and website owners find these templates and CMS very restricted to cater to their business’s specialized needs. If you are a medium or large scale business owner looking forward to customized web design and development services then Logicon is here to serve. Our brilliant team of web designers and developers is thoroughly familiar with latest tools and technologies of the field and are absolutely capable of delivering extremely user-friendly, fully serviceable and customized web design and development solutions of any complexity tailored according to the client’s specific needs. The guys at Logicon are not only familiar with previous design and development technologies but also keep themselves up-to-date with modern MVC frameworks (PHP/CodeIgniter/Laravel, Python/Django, RoR) and latest practices of web development (HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, JavaScript/ JQuery/AJAX, AngularJS).

We welcome all types of design and development queries, so whether you are a small start-up that is good to go with a ready-to-use template or an established large business that needs a more customized development solution, we are here to help you all. You do not need a technical background to communicate with us; our goal is to make things easier to understand even to a non-tech person so feel free to get in touch; we go an extra mile by providing free assistance and professional analysis to our clients.

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